Updated March 11, 2021

No puppies available.

Adult up for Adoption!

Frankie is a young adult male looking to be adopted by a qualified home. No cats, small dogs, or other small pets. A fenced yard is a must! He is affectionate and friendly. DM negative by parentage. He is 2 years old.



Buying a Bluebonnet Puppy

Your puppy will visit our veterinarian for its first exam, microchip, and vaccines around 6 weeks of age. It will go in again at 9 weeks for its 2nd round of boosters. It will be weaned and ready for you by 10 weeks of age, though I am able hold the puppy longer. We will get it worked out and I will do my best to be flexible for you. Bringing a puppy home is a big deal, and if you need a few more weeks to prepare, I completely understand! I want all my puppies and homes to have wonderful starts together.


Do I require owners to spay/neuter their puppies?

No, I leave that up to you to research and decide. The needs of every family and dog can be different.

How much do Bluebonnet puppies cost?

Puppies are $1,500. I would accept cash or card (through Paypal) and would accept payments, but the puppy must be paid in full before leaving for its new home. I also charge sales tax for sales made in Texas. You can read more on my “Policies” page.

Where are you located?

On the northwest side of San Antonio, Texas

Do you ship?

To the lower 48, yes, I can. It costs about $400 for the airfare and crate. (Cost goes by weight, so a puppy over 12 weeks could cost closer to $400.) I use United PetSafe. If you are unfamiliar with the process, it goes pretty much like this. I drop off the puppy at my airport (the San Antonio International Airport) and it is sent to your nearest large airport. Unfortunately, the puppy is not delivered to your home, but I will make sure you have all its flight info and know exactly when and where to receive your puppy. The puppy is never sedated or drugged. You are also welcome to look into ground shipping. (I’ve used Coast2Coast pet transportation before and it was fantastic!)

What essentials should I have on hand before my puppy arrives?

Martingale collar and personalized ID tag. This $20 investment is so worth it if your puppy gets loose. Your puppy will be micro-chipped, but that’s only worth anything if a good Samaritan thinks to scan for it. Tags are obvious.

CHEW TREATS. All puppies are chewers. Now, imagine a baby of a dog bred to hunt wolves. With jaws built for said job. Full of sharp puppy teeth. Yeah… invest in chews.

A check for written out to the American Kennel Club (or some money set aside to do everything online). This is to finish paying your puppy’s registration, buy its 4-generation pedigree, and shipping. But really, the money goes to help fund the AKC’s many works in the doggy-realm. They conduct shows and trials responsible for preserving and bettering the breeds, conduct inspections at breeding kennels, keep records of family trees to reduce inbreeding, and provide education to breeders and fanciers. They also offer a complimentary vet exam at participating vet clinics upon registering your puppy! It basically pays for itself.

Crate. The crate will also be invaluable for house training, and times you are not at home to supervise! I hope this goes without saying, but this crate should not be it’s only space. A Borzoi should have a yard or dog park to run in daily, and rug to sprawl out on somewhere in the house (though it will undoubtedly choose hard floor. Cold, hard floor. Mine have a thing for that.)