The nitty gritty stuff. If you are still just looking around and considering a Borzoi in general, feel free to skip this page. But if you are interested in purchasing a future Bluebonnet puppy, please read on! I guess I’ll go in order of events…

Our breeding goals and self-set rules
  1. We are proud to say none of our Borzois are at-risk for developing Degenerative Myelopathy. If that is a new phrase for you, please check out the OFFA’s site here. There is a lot of good info! Baron is free and clear of DM by birth. Glacier and Sequoia have both been tested. Sequoia is a lovely N/N, and Glacier is a A/N. (This means she is a “carrier.” The chances are of her developing DM is near impossible, but if breed to another “carrier,” the offspring’s chances of developing DM is significantly higher. This is why we are so pleased with Baron’s genetics. They will help us to improve the breed. Glacier’s puppies have the chance to be genetically “healthier” than she is. If this is all nerdy breeder stuff, forgive me and take a look at this chart from DDC Veterinary.  It lays it out so simply.)dm-chart-e1430137569992
  2. We waited until our girls were over two years old and had gone through one heat cycle prior to breeding.
  3. Our dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club and their puppies will be as well.
  4. This should go without saying, but Baron and the girls are not related. No inbreeding here! They are from different breeders in different states. If you’re curious, feel free to ask for pictures of their pedigrees.
  5. I’d love to get more involved in showing, but for now, showing is going to have to be on special occasions. It’s just a matter of my husband’s work schedule, and wrangling a toddler at events. Baron and I have been learning a lot together and compete in conformation and lure coursing.
Puppy Rearing Policies
  1. We do vaccinate and worm our dogs. We usually feed them Diamond Performance, with raw turkey necks or chicken quarters for teeth cleaning. Puppies will be reared on HEB Heritage Ranch dog food. (Borzoi puppies do not need excess fat and protein, as much as they need calcium. They are long-legged little things, and we don’t want those stilts bowed from too much weight.)
  2. Unless you request otherwise, all puppies are sold with Limited AKC Registration. This means the American Kennel Club will not register any off the dog’s offspring. The dog is not eligible to compete in conformation events, but is absolutely welcomed at obedience trails, lure coursing events, and agility competitions (along with other many other sorts of events and tests!). In short, unless you let me know you are looking for breeding stock, I’m assuming you aren’t. I am more than willing to sell a pup with open-registration. I just want to make sure any breeding is well planned out and not done on a whim. If you are interested in purchasing a puppy to breed, please read our requirements here.
  3. Puppies will get daily love and socialization!
  4. I plan to have the mother whelp indoors (for privacy from the other dogs, temperature control, and general comfort). Once they outgrow the whelping area, they will be moved outdoors. This will give them much more freedom!
  5. Puppies will be microchipped. New owners will need to complete the registration process, however, with the puppy’s new address. Do feel free to put me as a secondary emergency contact. I use AKC Reunite chips and pre-pay the enrollment fees for my puppy people.
  6. Puppies may be started on Trifexis, an oral 3 in 1 parasite control treatment around 9 weeks of age.
Puppy Selling Policies
  1.  I require a 20% deposit on a puppy before I officially hold it for anyone. I only accept deposits once the puppies are born and can show potential homes some pictures. I don’t charge for places on a waiting list or for puppies who are not born yet. The new owner then has up to 3 months to complete payments and arrange pick-up or travel for the puppy.
  2. Puppies must be paid in full before leaving for its new home. Cash, check or Paypal is all good.
  3. For sales within the state of Texas, I am required by law to charge sales tax at the .082500 rate.
  4. Deposits are non-refundable, unless the puppy becomes sick, injured, or killed while still under our care. In any of these cases, the owner may choose to switch their deposit to a different puppy, take a refund, or depending on the level of sickness or injury, wait a bit while the puppy receives treatment and recovers.
  5. As the big day approaches and the puppies are nearly ready for their new homes, I will begin setting up appointments with all the new owners. We can ship the puppies, or we’d love to have you come to our home and meet the parents!
  6. If shipping suits your needs better, let me know and I’ll check with the airline company. I usually use the United Petsafe program. The cost of shipping and crate will be added to the cost of the puppy. (It usually runs around $400.)
Post Pick-up Policies
  1. Under no circumstances (other than listed in my health policy) do I offer a refund. I feel that this helps prevent impulse buying and puppy-gifting. As mentioned earlier, if for some reason you cannot keep your puppy/dog, it is always welcome back, but no refund will be offered.
  2. If your life drastically changes and your Bluebonnet puppy needs to be rehomed, we do not require that dogs or puppies be returned to us. We don’t retain rights to it and are not co-owners. However, our yard is always open. We won’t offer a refund, but you can be assured your puppy will be safe and loved while we search out a new home for it. If you are able to rehome your puppy to a home you approve of, I am fine with that. I understand this allows you to keep in touch with the new home! I do ask to be notified so I can keep tabs on my puppies.
  3. I know I can’t enforce this, but please under no circumstances should a Borzoi be sent to a shelter or pound. No emergency, new baby, job change, ect. should sentence a Borzoi to that sort of existence. I know this paragraph sounds ludicrous right now, but should your life and circumstances change, please remember it and contact me or my husband. Like I said, our yard is always open.