Breeding Rights

If you are looking for a puppy to breed down the road, please be honest with us and let us know. I’d like to help you choose the best puppy for your needs. We will charge an extra $250 for the complete registration and there are a few things I will insist upon.

      1. That you carefully select its mate and that it is free of DM.
      2. That it is no longer a puppy itself! At least let your pup reach 2 years of age. (Definitely no breeding on a bitch’s first heat cycle.)
      3. That you’ve thought it through. And the fact that you know at this point you’d like to breed is a good sign. It means you’re already planning ahead. Borzois are large dogs with decently sized litters. This is not something to “try out”. It takes time, commitment, and money. From fencing, to flea medicine, to emergency vet visits… owning multiple Borzoi isn’t something to be tackled on whim.
      4. That you send me a photo/copy of a vet reference and business card for his/her office. You could have your vet write something up, or just have them sign this:I, _________________________________, verify to the best of my knowledge that, _______________________________, is a responsible dog owner. They maintain a high standard of care for their pets, providing them with proper nutrition, affection, a high quality of life, and medical care when necessary. I am their current veterinarian and am willing and able to provide basic medical attention for their future Borzoi puppy.Signature_________________________________   Date____________________