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Us & Our Dogs

Meet Baron!

FC C’lestial Noble House Red Baron SC


OFA health test results

Thyroid #BZ-TH1078/53M-VPI (NORMAL)

Eyes #BZ-EYE533/29M-VPI (NORMAL)

Degenerative Myelopathy #BZ-DM1446/31M-PI (NORMAL)

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Baron is my male. He loves plush toys (his and my daughter’s…), counter-surfing for neglected bits of food, and playing with Pearl (our Pomeranian). He is the most laid back of my little trio, and ever so gentle. He excels in lure coursing competitions and earned his AKC Field Championship in December 2018. He is Champion sired and Field-Champion mothered.

Meet Sequoia!

Tall As A Sequoia & Gentle As A Dove


OFA health test results

Thyroid #BZ-TH1217/59F-VPI (NORMAL)


Degenerative Myelopathy #BZ-DM1269/19F-NOPI (NORMAL)

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Sequoia is our princess. She is sensitive and dignified. Graceful, quiet, and affectionate. She is also the most obedient!  She has has participated in local 4-H obedience classes, and likes visiting the San Antonio Mission trail and South Padre Island.

Meet Glacier!

Big As A Glacier & Light As A Leaf JC

AKC# HP49141205

OFA health test results

Thyroid #BZ-TH1069/37F-NOPI (NORMAL)


Degenerative Myelopathy #BZ-DM1240/14F-NOPI-CAR (CARRIER)

Pedigree link

Glacier is a joy. She is always ready to cuddle, a devoted beggar at the dinner table, and a huge fan of car rides . Glacier is a tender mother and completely devotes herself to her puppies. She has earned her Junior Courser title.



Now a little about me. I’m Carissa Bryant, a young mother of one very busy 3 year old, and wife of a wonderful hardworking man. We have been married for 6 years, and have owned Borzois since 2015. We are Christians, and this effects every area of our lives, including the dogs. We believe God cares for His creation and expects us to as well. He says in Proverbs 12:10 that “The righteous care for the needs of their animals…” We do not put financial profit above their needs and try to make their lives full and happy ones.  I am a member of the Bexar County Kennel Club and have been since 2017. My goal as a breeder is to produce high-quality, healthy puppies that meet AKC breed standards for loving, permanent homes.

And finally, we live on the northwest side of San Antonio, Texas. The summers are hot, and usually spent napping indoors. The winters are mild and the dogs usually spend them romping around with new found energy.


If you have questions about us, our Borzoi, or future litters, feel free to shoot us an email here.